Contact Support

If you have a Managed Services Contract with Strategic Operations:

There are 3 ways to contact the help desk listed here in order of quickest response time.

  1. The Help Desk Chat application allows users to get Help Desk support quickly and easily right from their machine's desktop, taskbar, or notification area without having to call in.
    • The icons look like this


  1. The next best option would be to call our help desk number:
    Toll-Free by Phone - US and Canada: 1-866-520-6414
  2. And the final option (lease desired due to slower response times) is email:

All Other Requests: 

If you’re unsure who to contact, or just need help with a general question, you can fill out the form on this page to send a message to our team.
Your message will be directed to the appropriate person that will be able to assist you.